HUSH on … The Women’s Sport Debate

One thing this pandemic in 2020 has highlighted is that although women’s sport has made strides over the years there are still barriers and restrictions, especially with many in society still having a socio-political outlook and negative perception. It is a reflection of education and culture, yet we can challenge these stigmatisms to create accessibility for all.Continue reading “HUSH on … The Women’s Sport Debate”

HUSH on … Women’s Sport and Women in Sport; there is a difference.

There have been great strides in Women’s Sport and Women in Sport in the past 20 years with more media coverage and accessibility for engagement. Yet is this because the platforms are more readily available? Has the acceleration of digital transformation played a part? And is it just in participation rates? What about the businessContinue reading “HUSH on … Women’s Sport and Women in Sport; there is a difference.”