Passion and enthusiasm for the business of sport should not be seen as arrogant and emotional; it is determination to make a difference for the good of all.

Since graduating from Leeds Beckett University in Sport Business Management in 2015, I have been fortunate to work in the commercial and sponsorship side of Football, at Clubs, from the Premier League to National Leagues, and Sponsorship Brands. I have been lucky to build my knowledge of the sports industry and learnt many lessons on the way.

There are still perceptions of women working and playing in sport that restricts decisions and influences the objectives of businesses, interfering with the progression on both fronts. Sport is and can be a unique business model that can break the traditional mound, with the platform to innovate and inspire change in culture and society.

My passion is working towards developing a change of perceptive of women working in sport. This includes exploring new ways sport sponsorship can learn to create engaging partnerships for the partner, the sponsor and the consumer.

It is about creating a conversation about the culture of sport by enhancing the knowledge, developing through engagement and facing forms of adaptability.

Tatjana Haenni – Director of Women’s Football Swiss Football Association

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