HUSH on … The Emotion of Sport Business

Mark Cuban – Owner of NBA team Dallas Mavericks

The thrill when your team is doing well. The joy of a win. The buzz of success. There really isn’t anything like the emotions surrounding the un-predictable nature of Sport. Even the Tokyo 2020 Olympics echo’s this with their official motto: “United by Emotion”*.

Sport has the power to motivate and create change in society, to engage and bring excitement. This gives each sport as a business pressure to influence and succeed, to elevate their engagement for the wider community to be sustainable. Sport needs its fans and interaction from the external.

The raw emotion of sport can take over critical thinking and business etiquette. Sport is a reactive business to work in, yet the more proactive you are, the better chance you have adapting to an ever-changing environment. Each result will have a different outcome effecting next day’s work. Strategies and objectives can only go so far when emotion it caught up in it.

Therefore, moving away from reacting to the current situation and thinking with your emotions, use that passion and drive to think about the business as longevity is pivotal to sustain in the business of sport. Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  1. Expression and Engagement – There will be judgement to how you react so look how you can create the right conversation.
  2. Skills and knowledge to gain flexibility – Your team will be quicker to adapt to each situation and know the best way to do so.
  3. Have a real conversation – Take a breathe and look at the business angle and take advice from your teams around you.
  4. Stay away on what brings emotions to the forefront – Focus on your determination to make a positive difference to the business.
  5. Empathy and Rationale – Build effective communication internally and externally to motivate.
  6. What are your priorities? – Where are you wanting to take your sport entity as a business?

On the field, court or track, individual talents will only take you so far, working as a team with the right direction will build success as Michael Jordan states. Even individual athletes and competitors have a team behind them to support their goals and ambition. This perceptive should be the same with the business side of Sport.

*Cited in reference to Tokyo 2020 Olympics -

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